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    Sober October – a month without alcohol?!

    July 11, 2022 4 min read

    Sober October Verzicht auf Alkohol

    A month without alcohol?

    This is the concept of "Sober October" . Many may already be familiar with Dry January. For those, the alcohol-free October is a little preparation.

    For those who don't know it yet, the perfect opportunity to press the reset button for body and mind.

    Being sober is the new cool and that's why we've put together a few reasons to convince you of the alcohol-free challenge .

    What does Sober October actually mean?

    To put it simply, the month of October is about giving up alcoholic beverages.

    Sober October is originally from Australia. Here October was used to protect young people from alcohol abuse and to collect donations for educational work.

    The UK charity Go Sober For October is similar. There, with Sober October, donations are raised for Macmillan Cancer Support .

    The challenge also received a lot of attention on various social media platforms . There are 123,000 posts under #SoberOctober on Instagram and the hashtag even has 26 million views on TikTok.

    Sober October and Dry January are becoming increasingly popular . Trend researcher Hanni Rützler also says so. In the Food Report 2021 of the Zukunftsinstitut, she predicts that the trend towards sobriety will continue to increase.

    Sober October definition

    Why should you join Sober October?

    No hangover the next morning, no film tears, no guilty conscience and a better physical and mental well-being .

    Giving up alcohol for a month can do more for you physically and mentally than meets the eye.

    Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to dry out your skin.

    dr Richard de Visser from the University of Sussex confirms in a study that the complexion improved in 54% of the study participants after just one month without alcohol.

    Less sick by not drinking alcohol

    In October it is slowly getting cooler and the first waves of colds are creeping up. Excessive alcohol consumption can affect your immune system and make your body more susceptible to infections.

    Maybe a good argument for one or the other to avoid alcoholic drinks.

    Sober october cold and immune system

    The internal organs also benefit from abstinence.

    The liver in particular is severely affected by excessive alcohol consumption. However, giving up alcohol for a while can make a difference.

    "Within two months, absolute abstinence can also lead to demonstrable damage to the liver , such as alcohol-related inflammation or fatty liver ," explains Georg Poppele, spokesman for the working group for qualified withdrawal in internal medicine from the professional association of German internists.

    Sounds like a good reason to extend it even for another month.

    The psyche also benefits

    Going alcohol-free for a month can also have positive mental effects .

    The German medical journal explains that an improvement in memory, as well as the ability to learn and concentrate are associated with abstaining from alcohol.

    Many people also confirm that they have a better sleep pattern and generally feel more emotionally stable when they don't drink alcohol.

    Alcohol Free in October - Sober October

    No renunciation, but enjoyment!

    We think the times of full booze and alcoholic party excesses non-stop are definitely over. Many people want to live more consciously. This also applies to the consumption of alcohol.

    According to the trend “Mindfulness” and “Mindfulness Drinking” .

    Anyone who thinks they would be missing out without alcohol is wrong.

    Alcohol-free no longer means giving up taste and enjoyment at the same time. There is now a wide range of alcohol-free options on the market.

    Whether beer, wine or spirits - there is something delicious for everyone.

    No more non-alcoholic = boring!

    We at POLLY have a super alcohol-free alternative for all gin lovers : The London Classic tastes spicy of ginger and cucumber. Perfect in combination with your favorite tonic.

    Get that holiday feeling with our Italian Aperitif : The sparkling, fruity alternative to the well-known Italian model with a taste of fruity orange and gentian.

    Polly Italian Aperitif Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

    If you are looking for delicious recipes for your non- alcoholic cocktails and long drinks , we have put together a whole series for you. There is guaranteed to be something for every taste.

    Our top 5 tips for Sober October:

    1. Treat yourself! Don't forget to regularly reward yourself for your perseverance - be it with the spa day in your own bathtub that you have wanted for so long, a crisp workout or a delicious mocktail from our recipe collection.
    1. Don't go through it alone! Grab one of your favorite people and rock the challenge together! Because with two people, even the summer of October becomes child's play.
    1. Clean your home! Before you get started, get rid of all sorts of temptations in your own four walls, be it bottles of beer or wine or the spirits from the last party. No alcohol = no constant reminder of the challenge and therefore no temptation. Easy, right?
    1. Keep yourself busy! You think because you don't drink alcohol, you have to give up all dates? WRONG. Exactly that would be the wrong way. Find distraction, do something with friends - it doesn't always have to be the way to the next bar here ;) No alcohol doesn't mean your life has to get boring.
    1. Last but not least..NO self-criticism! Words mean a lot - don't be so hard on yourself. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself - less 'I have to', more 'I decide not to drink today because..' and specifically look for the positive aspects here that Sober October brings for you. Be proud of yourself for your perseverance and never forget why you chose the challenge for yourself.

    So just give it a try.

    A month goes by faster than you think! 🙌

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