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We offer you a wide and award-winning selection of alternatives for gin, aperitifs, rum, sparkling wine and even tequila. Complete with the taste and character of an adult drink - just non-alcoholic. Discover our categories!

Excellent taste

What are non-alcoholic spirits?

Non-alcoholic spirits are alternatives to traditional spirits containing alcohol. In terms of taste, we try to come as close as possible to the alcoholic products. The production process for non-alcoholic spirits is also very similar.

Is non-alcoholic the same as non-alcoholic?

No, it can be a minimal one may contain residual alcohol.

What is non-alcoholic gin?

When you first hear about non-alcoholic gin, you might ask yourself the question "What is it?" Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as alcohol-free gin. According to EU regulations, gin must contain at least 37.5% alcohol. Gin is usually distilled from a grain spirit and contains juniper as the main ingredient. Other herbs and spices can be added, which explains the variety of different types of gin. Non-alcoholic gin is made in the same way, but the alcohol is left out. Through complex distillation, the various botanicals such as juniper, cucumber or ginger are extracted and become a delicious alternative to gin.

Why should I drink non-alcoholic gin or other distillates?

Non-alcoholic beer, wine or sparkling wine are now part of many people's everyday lives. There are many reasons for giving up alcohol. Regardless of whether it has health benefits, increased performance, whether as a responsible driver or as an expectant parent: alcohol-free alternatives to gin, rum or aperitifs provide the right solution for situations in which alcohol is normally consumed. The non-alcoholic alternatives are perfect for exciting long drinks and cocktails.

Do non-alcoholic gin alternatives like POLLY London Classic 1:1 taste like real gin?

Let's be honest: you can't imitate the taste of alcoholic spirits. The special thing about our non-alcoholic POLLY drinks is the variety of flavors and complexity of the botanicals. We use this to create exciting taste experiences that are extremely close to alcoholic spirits and yet are unique.

Are the alcohol-free alternatives to gin, rum and aperitifs for drinking straight?

No. All non-alcoholic alternatives are intended to be mixed as a long drink or cocktail. This is the only way to showcase your botanicals perfectly.

Can you prepare all gin recipes or rum recipes with the non-alcoholic alternative?

Everything is allowed and there are no limits to your imagination.