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    IWSC awards for POLLY's non-alcoholic spirits

    July 26, 2022 2 min read

    IWSC Auszeichnungen für die alkoholfreien Spirituosen von POLLY

    POLLY is excellent now!!! 

    Both of our products have been awarded by the IWSC - the International Wine & Spirit Competition. 

    What is the IWSC? 

    Based in London, the International Wine & Spirits Competition is the world's largest and most influential awards for wines, spirits and alternative beverages.

    With over 50 years of experience and world-renowned jurors, a wide variety of drinks are judged and awarded in three categories. Wine and spirits suppliers from around 90 countries take part every year. 

    This year both of our products received an IWSC award! 


    The excellent silver medal was for our Italian Aperitif with 91 points. We are very happy about the tasting note:

    " Exotic nose of Saffron and sweet lemon peel which follow through to the palate. Candied citrus and herbal flavors are woven together. Clean and lightly sweet .” 

    Our London Classic received bronze and was rated 86 points. The jurors also gave a very good tasting comment here:

    " Full of Swager, with big summery flavors of fresh garden cucumber and warming black pepper ." 

    The whole team is very happy about the awards, which are of great importance for a startup.

    " The award plays an important role for us as a newcomer. It builds trust among consumers and buyers. In addition, they are also the technical proof of our good development work , ”says our founder Philip Kahnis.

    This is how you mix our award-winning drinks 

    Polly Signature Drink Polly Tonic

    For our signature drink POLLY Tonic you need 

    • 2cl London Classic 
    • 12cl tonic water 
    • ice cubes 
    • A slice of cucumber 
    • Optionally a slice of ginger 


    Mix 4cl London Classic with 12cl tonic water in a glass with ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of cucumber and optionally add a slice of ginger for extra spice. Cheers! 

    Signature Drink POLLY Italian Spritz

    For our signature drink POLLY Italian Spritz you need these ingredients: 

    • 5cl POLLY Italian aperitif 
    • 5cl non-alcoholic sparkling wine 
    • 1 slice of orange 
    • ice cubes 


    For a glass of our Italian Spritz, first put a few ice cubes in a glass. Mix equal parts, 5cl each, of our Italian Aperitif with non-alcoholic sparkling wine or Prosecco. Finally garnish with a slice of orange for the visual feeling and enjoy! 

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