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These 10 celebrities don't drink alcohol

August 15, 2023 2 min read

Diese 10 Promis trinken keinen Alkohol

More and more famous personalities are consciously deciding to abstain from alcohol. While some have harmless reasons for their largely alcohol-free lifestyle, others have struggled with addiction issues in the past.

We introduce you to some of the celebrities:

Zendaya : The young actress and singer has explained that she has decided not to drink alcohol to focus on her career and her health.

Daniel Radcliffe: The actor has spoken publicly about his past with alcohol problems and has been sober ever since.

Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian has said that she doesn't drink alcohol for health reasons.

Tyra Banks: The supermodel doesn't drink alcohol to support her health and fitness goals.

Ed Sheeran: The singer and songwriter has stated that he enjoys alcohol in moderation as he is quite prone to addiction, but is also cautious about using it due to its effect on his voice.

Bella Hadid: The well-known model made the decision due to the negative impact it had on her mental health.

Drew Barrymore: The actress speaks openly about her experiences with alcohol addiction, recovery and the journey to a sober life in interviews and her autobiography.

Blake Livel y: Unlike the lively party life of her IT Girl character in the series "Gossip Girl", the actress' personal life is completely different, as she once explained in an interview. She doesn't drink alcohol and has never felt the urge to try drugs.

Elton John The musician hasn't touched alcohol for more than 30 years. He used his experiences and also helped other stars out of alcohol addiction.

Jennifer Lopez: abstinent for beauty. The singer abstains from drinking and smoking due to the bad effects on her skin.

Whether celebrity or not. Everyone has their own individual motivations for not drinking alcohol, whether for reasons such as health, personal experience, exercise, religion or spiritual beliefs. Because as you can see: being alcohol-free doesn't necessarily mean boring.

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