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3 easy food pairing ideas for non-alcoholic drinks

August 16, 2023 1 min read

3 einfache Food Pairing Ideen für alkoholfreie Drinks

3 simple food pairings with non-alcoholic POLLY drinks

Which food actually goes well with non-alcoholic spirits?
Our three food pairings are designed to create a small culinary experience, while our non-alcoholic drinks perfectly complement the flavors and round off the meals.
Because let’s not kid ourselves: long drinks, cocktails or non-alcoholic sparkling wine go wonderfully with delicious food!

Baked nachos with guacamole: 

The salty, crunchy nature of nachos is delicious with a glassPOLLY Caribbean Classic (non-alcoholic rum alternative) with cola.

Spanish tapas plate :  

Spanish sausages, such as Serrano ham or Parma ham, are a must, honeydew melon, chorizo, fresh white bread, garlic prawns and Spanish cheeses such as Manchego, Queso Ibérico, sheep's or goat's cheese and pickled olives also work well.  

Tapas are summer, sun and vacation on a plate! Add a glass of POLLY Italian Aperitif with POLLY Sparkling Blanc and the enjoyment at home is perfect!  

Mixed seafood platter  

Seafood such as shrimp, mussels and oysters are becoming increasingly popular due to their more salty basic taste, along with non-alcoholic gin alternatives such as POLLY London Classic with tonic. A subtle note of lemon juice refines it Seafood lightly before it can be consumed.  

Let your imagination run wild and try new ways not only with cocktails, but also with the right snacks. Alcohol-free alternatives to gin, rum, etc. are ideal for experiments.

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