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POLLY French Aperitif 500 ml – alcohol-free aperitif

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🍋 Citrus aperitif, now alcohol-free
✅ Vegan | Gluten free | Natural flavours
🥈 Awarded at the IWSC

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POLLY French Aperitif: Vermouth & Orange (500 ml)

Non-alcoholic French aperitif

Bonjour! In our non-alcoholic French aperitif, wormwood and fruits like orange say hello. French elegance? Mais oui! The mixture provides a fruity, spicy taste and transports you mentally to a magnifique table in a French bistro.

Very chic! For la vie en rose, our French aperitif is best served with wild berry lemonade as a wild berry aperitif. Sante!

Consumption from 18 years.

🌿 Botanicals used

Yuzu, plum, lemon, lime, ginger and grapefruit

✔️ Contents and nutritional values

POLLY Citrus Aperitif

Water, invert sugar syrup, lime juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, acidifier citric acid, plum extract, natural flavor, antioxidant ascorbic acid, preservative potassium sorbate, coloring food (apple, safflower and lemon concentrate), yuzu, lemon, lime and grapefruit distillate.

Nutritional values ​​per 100ml:
Energy: 240 kJ / 56 kcal
Fat: 0g
- of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 13g
- of which sugar: 13 g
Protein: 0g
Salt: 0g

🚫 What does alcohol-free mean?

According to German, Austrian and Swiss food law, beverages that contain a maximum of 0.5 percent alcohol by volume may be described as non-alcoholic.

POLLY contains 0.3 percent alcohol by volume and is therefore considered alcohol-free. Similar to fruit juices or very ripe bananas.

ℹ️ Instructions for use

Protect from sunlight. Store refrigerated. Shake before use. Consumption from 18 years. Once opened use within 2 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alexandra S.

Eine gute Alternative zu Lilet, schmeckt mir sehr gut mit Wild Berry Limonade,Eis und ein paar Heidelbeeren drinnen.Ich werde sicher noch Mal bestellen

Susanne Streber

Schmeckt sehr künstlich ...... Ich werde nicht nochmal bestellen


Wirklich toll!

Sooo lecker

… zusammen mit wild berry Limonade, Eis und ein paar Himbeeren. Auch unsere Gäste waren begeistert.

Sandra Z.
Beste Alternative

Der French Aperitif ist eine sehr empfehlenswerte Alternative zu Lillet wild Berry und schmeckt sehr gut!