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    Alcohol-free Italian Spritz - your new favorite aperitif

    November 13, 2021 1 min read

    POLLY Italian Spritz

    The trend drink par excellence from Italy!

    Aperol Spritz is an indispensable part of summer. The Italian summer feeling in a glass has become one of the most famous and popular drinks in the world in recent years. 

    Hot summer days without the sparkling aperitif? Hardly imaginable!

    Fruity orange meets tart-bitter notes in combination with sparkling sparkling wine. This is how the Aperol Spritz tastes like you know it.

    Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz

    But is Aperol Spritz also non-alcoholic?

    You are looking for the La Dolce Vita feeling but would like to save the alcohol?

    Our recipe is the perfect solution for anyone who is driving, doesn't feel like a hangover the next day or just doesn't want to drink alcohol.

    We will show you how you can prepare a non- alcoholic alternative to Aperol Spritz very simply and deliciously:


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