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POLLY Tonic - non-alcoholic gin and tonic alternative

August 16, 2022 2 min read


What exactly is a gin and tonic? 

Gin Tonic is one of the best known and most popular long drinks. The drink has remained true to its simple recipe for over 100 years. Spirit and a carbonated filler - gin and tonic water . With the numerous gin and tonic water variants, a gin and tonic can vary in taste. 

Non-alcoholic gin and tonic alternative 

For everyone who likes the taste of gin and tonic but doesn't want to or isn't allowed to drink alcohol, we have the perfect solution.

With our POLLY London Classic we bring you an alcohol-free alternative with full taste. Our version of a classic gin and tonic delivers the full flavor kick we know and love - but alcohol-free. 

Why drink a non-alcoholic gin and tonic?  

There are many situations to trigger.

Our non-alcoholic alternative to the classic gin and tonic is for everyone who wants to end the evening relaxing with friends without being drunk and want to get up fresh and without a hangover the next morning.

But our alcohol-free alternative is also the perfect solution for drivers and everyone who avoids alcoholic drinks for various reasons. 

Is tonic water alcohol-free? 

Tonic water is a lemonade that contains quinine and has a bitter taste.

Usually colorless and carbonated, tonic water originally consists only of sparkling water and quinine and is therefore alcohol-free .

Quinine is a substance that occurs naturally in cinchona bark and is used in small quantities as a bittering agent to produce bitter drinks and is therefore considered a popular bitter maker in the food industry. 

There are now many different types of tonic water. Various flavors, dyes, herbs and sugar are often added to the original composition. This changes the taste of the tonic water.

The quinine content also influences the taste. The more quinine the tonic water contains, the bitterer the taste. Due to the different flavors and variants of tonic water, the taste of the gin and tonic also changes.

This means the drink is always delicious and never boring. 

Tonic water during pregnancy?  

Because only a small amount of quinine is used in the different types of tonic water, consuming the drink in small quantities is also safe for pregnant women .

One or two glasses a day are not harmful or dangerous. 

How are alcohol-free gin alternatives made? 

Non-alcoholic gin alternatives are made in a similar way to traditional alcoholic gins. When producing non-alcoholic alternatives , real alcoholic flavors and distillates are made from the botanicals , fruits or even vegetables, which are distilled in multiple steps.

These are then concentrated in a complex process so that when diluted they still have a very intense taste and only have a very low alcohol content of <0.3%.


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