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5 delicious & non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for the summer

May 25, 2022 3 min read

Alkoholfreie Cocktail Rezepte für den Sommer

Not in the mood for drinks with alcohol today? Then we have 5 delicious and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for your summer days.

Summer is coming ☀️ and the mood for delicious cocktails is rising! These do not always have to be with alcohol.

We have put together 5 delicious non-alcoholic cocktail recipes🍹 here - for real summer feelings without a guilty conscience and headache the next morning.

Alcohol-free, but full of flavor - easy with our quick and easy to prepare cocktail recipes. The perfect refreshment on sunny days.

Raspberry Punch:

Fruity, sparkling, fresh.

Raspberry Punch Cocktail Recipe Non-Alcoholic

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 250 grams of raspberries
  • mint
  • 200 ml raspberry juice
  • 8cl POLLY London Classic
  • 4 tsp lemon juice
  • 600 ml mineral water
  • ice cubes


Step 1: Divide the raspberries among all the glasses and mash lightly with a spoon or pestle.

Step 2: Fill glasses with ice cubes.

Step 3: Pour 1 tsp lemon juice and 8 cl London Classic into each glass and top up with raspberry juice and mineral water.


Ginger Basil Smash:

Classically mixed with gin, now alcohol-free with ginger beer - for the full taste!

Ginger Basil Smash Cocktail Recipe Non-Alcoholic

Ingredients for 4 glasses:


Step 1: Pluck off individual basil leaves, place in a shaker with the sugar syrup and mash finely with a pestle. This is the best way for the flavors of the basil to unfold.

Step 2: Add the lemon juice, POLLY London Classic and ice cubes.

Step 3: Shake vigorously and strain into a glass with ice cubes.

Step 4: Finally, fill up with ginger beer - your non-alcoholic cocktail is ready!


Non-Alcoholic Peach Cranberry Cocktail 🍑:

Now it's getting fruity! With cranberry and peach we have the perfect combination for a super quick non-alcoholic cocktail recipe. Ready, Set, Mix!

Non-Alcoholic Peach Cranberry Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 200 ml peach nectar
  • 400 ml cranberry juice
  • 8 cl POLLY Italian aperitif
  • cranberries
  • rosemary
  • Mineral water
  • ice cubes


Step 1: First mix the peach nectar, cranberry juice and our Italian Aperitif together.

Step 2: Pour into 4 glasses with ice cubes.

Step 3: Then fill up with mineral water.

Step 4: Add the cranberries and rosemary to decorate and enjoy.



Fancy a caipirinha - but without alcohol? Then try our Ipanema recipe with ginger ale now. Super refreshing and flavorful, the Ipanema is the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail on warm summer days.

Ipanema recipe cocktail non-alcoholic

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 4 limes
  • 4 teaspoons cane sugar
  • mint leaves
  • 8cl POLLY London Classic
  • 600ml ginger ale
  • 200 ml passion fruit juice.
  • ice cubes


Step 1: Cut the lime into small pieces.

Step 2: Place in a glass with the cane sugar and mint.

Step 3: Then lightly crush the whole thing with a pestle.

Step 4: Add the ice cubes and mix with passion fruit juice, ginger ale and our London Classic . Mix well and enjoy!


Frozen Italian Spritz 🍊🍋:

It's getting hot in here! This is the perfect place to cool down on those really hot summer days. A classic aperitif - here as a non-alcoholic frozen version. Simple and yet special!

Alcohol-free Frozen Italian Spritz Cocktail

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 8 cl POLLY Italian aperitif
  • 400 ml non-alcoholic sparkling wine
  • 200 ml mineral water
  • ice cubes


Step 1: Cut off a large slice of each of the orange and lemon and squeeze the juice out of the remaining fruit.

Step 2: Put all other ingredients, except for the ice cubes, in a blender and blend on a low level.

Step 3: Add the ice cubes and mix on the highest level until smooth.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into 4 glasses and decorate with a slice of orange and lemon each - CHEERS TO SUMMER!


Bring that summer feeling home with you with these refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktail recipes!

Have fun mixing and enjoying. ☀️ 🍹🤩

You can find more delicious cocktail recipes here.

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